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17 February Feb 2015 0900 3 years ago

Directly from the Restoration Sites

The numerous restoration activities on the Monument are progressing

Restorations activities of the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo, which had been implemented so as to return the Cathedral with all its beauty to the citizenship and to the numerous visitors expected for Expo2015, are going on with industry.

Some of the operations inside the Cathedral ended on December 2014. Indeed, activities in San Giovanni Bono’s Chapel had been concluded, after they started in February last year. The Chapel, which is situated inside the south presbytery of the Transept, was completely restored, by recovering all stone surfaces and the jewelry from the ancient altar and by bringing back its marble to the original beauty.

Moreover, preliminary checks finalized to the complete restoration of the Pestagalli Spire will start soon (site notation G.P), the first one on the South-West and the only one among the four Cathedral’s architects spires which is linked with the dome cladding (the other three only open on the bells room). A work of the architect Pietro Pestagalli (from whom it takes its name) who designed it in 1845, the Spire suffered of deep damages during the World War II and it had been restored before. The initial activities for its restoration will consist in building a scaffold, so as to allow a closer observation of its real deterioration, mostly from a structural point of view. After that, surfaces will be cleaned and the seals of the previous restoration will be removed.

The execution of these activities is also possible thanks to the contribute of a number of donors and in particular to the Romeo and Erica Invernizzi Foundation, all subscribing the campaign Get your Spire over these two years.

To be constantly updated about the work of Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo’s Restoration Sites it is also possible to read more on the new specific section.