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25 November Nov 2014 1021 3 years ago

The section Donors Stories continues with its second appointment.

This month Cynthia B. will tell us her story, whose words of gratitude and love reveal her deep bond with the Duomo Cathedral.

The Cathedral has always been in my heart and the center not only of my city, but the point of reference for the morning prayers before going to work. So when it started the campaign Get your Spire, I decided to involve as many family members as possible, pouring from my donation in their name and giving them part of a spire.

I made a donation on behalf of my mother Fernanda M., who has always told my children the stories of Milan making them feel participant citizens. I have donated in the name of my older child Fabrizio P., for his 18th birthday. In my opinion the best gesture was to make him feel part of this important restoration project, rather than buying him another cell phone. Finally, I made a donation on behalf of my mother-in-law Enrica A., as she loves very much our city and, with the fragility of the years that pass, which better thought could I offer to her to be part of the story of our Cathedral and help with a small contribution for the restoration?

I did a little, but the upcoming birthdays of my other relatives I will continue to help our Cathedral and to give them the joy of being part of a larger project. Because the heart of Milan can beat only if, with small gestures and practical solidarity, we help preserve our Cathedral that covers and protects us every day. Thank you for having started this campaign of solidarity that makes us all feel more united.

Cynthia B.

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