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28 October Oct 2014 1709 3 years ago

Donors Stories

A date with your stories every fourth Tuesday of each month

The new section Donor Stories has now been opened, where contributions of those who have translated in words their personal subscription to Veneranda Fabbrica call are presented every fourth Tuesday of each month.

The stories testify to generous spontaneous gesture in order to support the commitment of eighteen restoration sites opened on the Monument, deep symbol of Expo2015 city.

Mariele R., who supported Get your Spire last July, is the first donor whose story has been published, getting stronger her bond of love with the city of Milano.

It is only matter of heart…

Even if I did not think about being so tied up to Milano despite I was born there, I have recently discovered that my look was attracted by the Madonnina spire, to which I am deeply tied up and debtor and I love so much because She is a mother so human.

For this reason I desired she was more and more shining among her spires. 

Mariele R.

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