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21 October Oct 2014 1202 3 years ago

Live from the Restoration Sites

Discover the new section Restoration Sites

The funds raised to date by the Get your Spire campaign have contributed to the huge task of maintaining and enhancing the value of the Cathedral.

It is also thanks to the over 2000 donors that work has never stopped and day by day the original beauty of the Terraces, as well as of each single architectural element that can be admired on them, is gradually being reinstated. First and foremost the 135 spires, the most prominent of which is the Main Spire, from the top of which the Madonnina continues to shine while watching over Milan.

A new section of our website, entitled Restoration Sites has now been opened
to make donors more aware of what the Veneranda Fabbrica has managed to achieve, also thanks to the donations by each of them.

Get your Spire
is thus once again confirmed as an exquisitely collective campaign, backed by a direct and clear-cut relationship with its donors, and based on information and participation.

The new section, updated each month and containing photographs of the areas undergoing restoration, allows donors to keep up with the progress of the work and find out the state of preservation of the various spires. We hope that it will be a way of making our donors feel increasingly more involved in the life of the Veneranda Fabbrica.