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13 October Oct 2014 1233 3 years ago

Tell us the story of your donation

Join the great story of the Duomo

Have you joined the Get your Spire fund raising campaign? Write the story about your donation and send it to us.

From the very beginning of its history, Milan's Duomo has been closely linked to the vicissitudes of those who have contributed, according to their means, first to its construction and then to its care.

Each gesture, even the smallest, is an extraordinary example of generosity and conceals a story with which anyone may identify. The number of donations shows how much the citizens of Milan love their Duomo, yet there are also many donors from other parts of Italy and from the rest of the world who see the Cathedral as a symbol of faith or as a majestic work of art.

A particular dedication to a loved one, the reasons for your donation or an account of the day when you decided to make it, can make your story unique. The stories received will be published in our newspaper, La Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo, and on the campaign's Facebook page accessed with the hashtag #StoriediDonatori.

Take part by writing to: or by sending a private message to the Get your Spire Facebook page.

If requested, the stories will be published anonymously to guarantee confidentially. The editors reserve the right to revise the stories submitted and selected for editorial purposes. Any data supplied will be collected and used by the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano only for the Storie di donatori (Donors' Stories) project.