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13 October Oct 2014 1241 3 years ago

Get your Spire celebrates 2 years

A special thank you to all donors to celebrate the results of the fundraising project

Get your Spire is a fund raising project, the only one of its kind in Italy, based on the great tradition of the people of the Duomo and its Fabbrica. Today, just as it did over six centuries ago, the Cathedral exists thanks to the contributions of numerous people: an ever increasing number of donors since October 2012, over 2000 from 29 countries.

The funds raised, from contributions by Golden Donors, sustaining donors and those who responded to the public appeal, total around 4 million euro and have allowed the Veneranda Fabbrica to continue the work to restore the 135 spires and continue the story of the deep-rooted links that for centuries have united the Duomo with the city of Milan, even though a great deal remains to be done to complete all the work undertaken.

The value of the gift is inherent to this project, in that it ensures that the heritage of art and Christian faith that has always amazed everyone who arrives in Piazza del Duomo will be transmitted to all future generations.The Veneranda Fabbrica shares these important goals by offering donors an opportunity to share and enjoy the cultural heritage of the Cathedral, granting all donors and those accompanying them the possibility of visiting the Grande Museo del Duomo, from 17 to 19 October, at the special price of € 2,00 for each ticket.

Futher information
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