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10 October Oct 2014 1227 3 years ago

Get your Spire and AIDO Milano

Donate for the shared fund-raising project

The Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo has always considered promotion of sharing and giving to be an indispensable part of its history.Indeed, the Cathedral is the result of a the contributions of a people who,
generation after generation, have donated a great artistic and religious heritage to the city and to the world.

This values are shared by the Special Group AIDO Milan (the Italian Association for Donation of Organs, Tissues and Cells), that since 40 years is promoting what is undoubtedly one of the highest examples of generosity towards another human being.

The partnership created with Special Group AIDO Milan is founded on this common ground and aims to spread the culture of the gift.

For one year, starting from the last occurrence of the day for Organ Donation's last 31 May 2014, until 31 May 2015 you will be able to support the special project Get Your Spire for organ donors with AIDO Milan.

The funds collected for restoration of the Cathedral will be used to restore the one hundred and thirty five spires of the Duomo, especially that of St. Cyprian, a saint with thaumaturgic powers, located on the North side of the Cathedral, and chosen as the official spire for the project.