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26 June Jun 2014 1546 7 years ago

A.U.G. kids

Play with Duomo and customize your postcard

Throughout history, all the inhabitants of Milan  -  and not only Milan - have taken care of the Duomo, regardless of their age.
The Duomo is like a huge puzzle consisting of thousands of pieces that make it a wonderful building which everyone can continue to help look after and protect.

With this in mind, Veneranda Fabbrica invites all children to “adopt”  one of the 135 spires of the Duomo. These wonderful architectural features are fragile. They are parts of the structure of the Duomo which help it to withstand the weight of its large vault, soaring upwards. The spires are the most distinctive decorative element of the Duomo and are what gives the cathedral its unique appearance.

The spires are rich in ornamentation and statues of all sizes, integrally carved in the precious Candoglia marble. This beautiful and very special marble is a very delicate material which over time tends to deteriorate and this is why the Duomo always needs help.
It is therefore very important to preserve the spires, so that future generations will be able to  admire the Duomo in all its splendour.

It only costs 1 Euro to adopt a spire, a small price to pay for an important show of affection towards our Duomo.

All donations will be recorded in the register of cathedral donors which has always been kept in the Veneranda Fabbrica archives, remembering all those who throughout history have made this valuable gesture.

To discover the many events linked to the Duomo and its history, the book Tell me about the Duomo - Stories of Milan Cathedral is available in the Cathedral bookshop: the dragon GiGiVi helps our youngest visitors to discover this fascinating monument.

Play with the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo 
It’s easy! Download this PDF and create your own postcard-spire. 
Print the file on paper or card and fold it in half with the image of the spire upwards. Then paint it, customize to your liking and create your own unique masterpiece. 
Before giving it to whoever you want send us a copy, your postcard may be selected and published on our site, visible to everyone as one true spire of the Cathedral. 
Submit your postcard by email at: