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19 June Jun 2014 1734 3 years ago

DUOMovie, from 14 July ten days of films on the Terraces for Get Your Spire

An exciting new experience amid the spires of the Cathedral at sunset

The Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo will be welcoming the "seventh art" amid the treasures of its Terraces.
A treasure chest of Christianity and art for over half a millennium, a location chosen to film unforgettable masterpieces, from Vittorio De Sica's Miracle in Milan to Luchino Visconti's Rocco and his brothers, the Cathedral has always aroused the same emotions and fascination in the film directors of all times that had already inspired Stendhal, Twain and Manzoni for their works.

The spectacular sight offered by the spires at sunset when they appear to embrace the Terraces of the Cathedral is irresistibly fascinating. From this exceptional observation point, each visitor will be able to bask in the beauty of the Duomo and admire the city from its most significant point.

Starting from 14 July 2014, the Terraces of the Duomo di Milano will screen five magnificent films with english subtitles beginning at 9:00 pm:

14 July - The Gospel According to Matthew, directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1964
16 July - 7 km from Jerusalem, directed by Claudio Malaponti, 2007
18 July - I am with you, directed by Guido Chiesa, 2010
21 July - Brother Sun, Sister Moon, directed by Franco Zeffirelli, 1972
23 July - Che bella giornata, directed by Gennaro Nunziante, 2011

This extraordinarily beautiful space, surrounded by nature from sunrise until sunset, with its silence and colours, brings to life a place where it is possible to feel the vigour of the dawning day, but not the unease of the day that is fading away.

Indeed, the light never goes out on the Terraces of the Cathedral: at sunset the statues of the Duomo seem to come to life and free themselves from their anchors, "whispering ancient and secret stories in your ears", as the poet Heinrich Heine sensed almost two centuries ago.

These sculptures live in another dimension: each visitor will be able feel the thrill of seeing them alive in the sky, projected against the fiery red of the sunset and in the first darkness of the night, moment after moment experiencing the same evocative power that the directors of these films wanted to recreate in their works.

The top of the Cathedral will thus become the venue for a unique encounter between art, technology and emotions: the screenings aim to deal with the various themes revolving around the Cathedral, addressed to a mixed public to create a shared space where citizens, society and culture come together in an on-going dialogue, at the feet of the Madonnina.

The event has been organised to give new beauty to the Cathedral: the proceeds of these screenings will be entirely donated to the Get your Spire fund raising campaign, in support of the major restoration work by the Veneranda Fabbrica.
Access passes for each film will be issued as a benefit in return for a donation of at least € 30 for each projection. Donations may also be made online.

For more information

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